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For billions of years, mother earth was halcyon. Flowers bloomed, butterflies roamed around with gay abandon, birds chirped without a bother, river waters sparkled in the sun, mountains and oceans maintained their pristine and tranquil nature.

Then a virus invaded the earth. His name is homo-sapiens, initially, he was innocuous but slowly and steadily he started building large networks. His processing power increased exponentially. He became the Bakasura, out to destroy his own provider – Lord Shiva.

He (the virus) powdered the mountains to dust, spewed plastics recklessly over the ocean, ravaged the forest with fires, and decimated the creatures on earth without a thought.

As he started to seek more comfort and glory, he began to poison the land, water, and air. He plundered the entire ecosystem and even went on to destroy the Arctic.

Little did he (the virus) realize that the more he predated on the outside, the more he destroyed his insides.


The more he polluted the rivers, the more toxic his blood became.

The more he polluted the earth, the more, lifestyle diseases he garnered.

The more he set fire to the trees, the more he burnt his lungs.


But he (the virus) was proud of his GDP, his rampant consumption, and was a juggernaut; unstoppable.

All the creatures, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans, and the flowers ran to Mother Earth, “Save us! He is even feasting on our bats and pangolins”.


Mother Earth closed her eyes – she realized that she had let go of her prodigal son (the virus) from his leash. She invoked the Gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva got together.


Lo & behold! They created the antidote – the Ma Durga, the Shakthi that would slay the Mahishasura. He (the virus) had to be stopped in his tracks. The Goddess through her powers created the vaccine that would heal the planet – the WUHAN VIRUS / COVID 19.

She (the vaccine) made gentle strides and he (the rapacious virus) was shaken out of his bearings. His movement was curtailed (lockdown).

The planet started to get green again. The birds came out of their hiding, the creatures of the planet started to celebrate.


Then the virus started to shoot his Brahmastra, he came out with weapons like Covishield and Covaxin but she was not undone. She morphed herself into a myriad of forms – double mutated herself, triple mutated herself, brought in UK strains, South African strains, and Brazilian strains.

She was like Antaeus –the more she touched the ground, the stronger she became. The Kurukshetra was on, but she (the vaccine) had the heart of a mother. She rarely disturbed the young children and left most of the rural pockets untouched.

Isn’t it time that he (the virus) seeks redemption, atonement for his sins? Isn’t it time that he aligns with the laws of Mother Earth?


Isn’t it time that MAN (the virus) humbles himself as the tiniest of the viruses (Wuhan Virus) can remove him out of his tracks – undo all his doings?

By Shiv


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24 Responses

  1. I totally agree with this. I really wish everyone would open their eyes to the rampant destruction around and go back to living a simple life.. The amount of toxicity on the planet, both within human beings and outside, really bothers me..

  2. Able to understand what we have done to the earth. The mistakes we and our elders had done is giving problems to our children.

  3. Nature is powerful……thoughtful msg…….this blog should be added in in the school curriculum even in 6th std …..so that childern could have eye 👀 opening on this ……why can’t this should be the subject ? Mistakes should not be repeated …….nailing this msg on world 🌎 earth’s day……

  4. After reading this, i feel its high time we all should start practicing minimalism. The conumeric mindset is only gonna do more harm than good. Sustainability is the key for a good future! A well written article, it should open eyes to the ongoing crisis.

  5. Really thought provoking. This is sure to trigger a new perception, a heathy one, to save MOTHER EARTH as well as ourselves. Congratulations Shiva sir and Savitri.

  6. Very relevant topic for “contemplation”. God of the Universe will make us fetch what we have down. Universe keeps on giving us a “reminder” in different ways t.

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