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Is Indian Parenting Style correct?

Watch this FAMILY FIRST recommended movie – “Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway”. This movie raises questions on the Indian Parenting Style. It is a heart-warming & yet a debatable movie that we highly recommend for families. This movie should be watch by every parent, ruminated over and debated about. This film opens up a can of […]


I was a ‘Narcissist’ – you would recall the story of Narcissus. The young boy who fell in love with his image and spurned every romantic advance. Toward the end, he was the cause of his death. I too was a ‘Narcissist’. My focus was all on myself. The human brain reigns on two emotions […]


Over the years, people have asked us three questions. I want to share my 2 cents on these questions. Don’t miss the 3 Interesting Activities, read on…

Why are Marriages Failing?

Why are Marriages Failing? Paleolithic men did not need a wife to look after the children. For millions of years men and women lived in communities. No child could pin point to its father or mother i.e., no child had a surname or a birth certificate pointing out to who the father was. If mankind […]

Family First Trust – Joy of Giving Light up a Life this Deepavali

Dear Friends This Festive season let these children be a part of your celebration. Through Family First Trust we are supporting 200 children this year for Deepavali. Each child will be provided a Gift Hamper worth Rs 1300 – it will contain 1 new Dress, 1 sweet box & 1 crackers box. Sponsor for as […]

SSFF Trust – Educational Kits

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]FAMILY FIRST TRUST REQUEST FOR LOVE & SUPPORT OF EDUCATION KITS 🙏🙏 As schools are opening, the 85 kids that we support at Sempattu need: (for 1 kid) 1. School Bag 2. 8 Note books 3. Geometry Box 4. Ink bottle / ink pen 5. Pencils, scale, eraser & sharpener The total cost of […]

Intimacy & Marriage (4 points that can save a Marriage)

These 4 points can save a Marriage: Don’t want sex, get married. Intimacy, sex are taboo topics in our culture. People don’t talk about it here, unlike the western world where it is discussed right from coffee shops to board rooms. In our Family First outings, we talk to families about Health, Relationship, Parenting & […]