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3 Perspectives on the ‘Sathankulam’ issue – Psychological & Sociological views


History repeats itself unless lessons are learnt. Rapes continue unabated in-spite of the Nirbhaya episode; corruption continues its ceaseless march in-spite of Anna Hazare’s hunger protest and cultural infringements in-spite of the Jallikattu uproar. Will the Sathankulam police atrocity stop because of the temporary uproar? Yes, knee-jerk reactions will take place. Certain police officers will […]

What is the Power of Mentoring – the 4 step process (Challenge 14 / 18)


The war of the Mahabharat was to begin in Kurukshetra. The cousins of Lord Krishna stood before him. Krishna had two offerings, his army & himself. It was for Arjuna & Duryodhana to choose. Duryodhana believed that strength lies in numbers. He chose the army. Arjuna believed in the power of one. He chose the […]

The 3 Step process to Gratitude (Challenge 12 / 18)

Why Gratitude? The Turtle Story: An old lady was asked, ‘do you know what holds the earth?’ Nonchalantly she replied, ‘It is on the back of a turtle.’ She was then asked, ‘Do you know what holds that turtle?’ Spat came her reply, ‘It is turtles all the way down.’ Limitation of our senses: Our […]

Is Compassion relevant today? (Challenge 10 / 18)

Wayne Dyer says that the face of pure intention is – COMPASSION. I was coming down the stairs, when I heard loud voices. It was the watchman of our flat berating some kid. Upon arriving at the scene, I saw that it was my kid. Seeing me, the watchman fled the scene.

Why will Minimalism make a difference? (Challenge 9 / 18 continues)


You have a choice. Either to make your life easy or to make your life hard. A mouse takes one day to build a hole, a bird takes two days to build a nest and a man takes thirty years to build a house. – Excerpts from Jon Jandai (TED Talks) Is there something wrong […]

The Five Secret Ingredients in Dhanush’s Communication Mix


‘Effective Communication is – 20% what you know & 80% how you feel what you know’ A boy flunks his twelfth standard. The girl he has a crush on ditches him. He comes from a middle class background. He desires to become a chef. What can this 16 year old amount to in life? He […]

Why will minimalism make a difference (Challenge 9 / 18)


I excel at the art of doing nothing. For countless Sundays, I have zealously rested. I curse myself for having taken up this blogging challenge. What motivates these PSAI members? What is the mantra that invokes them to write on Sundays? Is this a bait to delist me on judgment day?