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Sivakumar and Savitri

There are only two intentions in life – love & fear. Direct your intentions towards love & watch your Family grow.

Shiv & Savy - CEO


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Welcome to the S & S Family First

Sivakumar & Savitri (S & S) are Bestselling Authors, Family Success Coaches, Keynote Speakers, Vipassana practitioners & Trainers (having trained lakhs of students, families & individuals in the last 25 years – since 1998)


‘Family First’ is the name of their recent book where a family transforms itself into a functional family with proper guidance and mentoring. This book is the #1 Bestseller on Amazon.in in 6 categories. The book has been translated in Tamil, it is called ‘Nalladoru Kudumbam’ – also a No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon India.

Their mission is to build families and build the nation. Also empower families to empower organizations.

They have started the ‘FAMILY FIRST TRUST’ with the objective of invigorating the minds of the underprivileged students, educate them & give them an exposure to the outer world, industries, businesses & institutions.

Funding for the Trust comes from:

  1. Family First Talks & Training Workshops.
  2. Sale of Books & Merchandize
  3. Social Contributions

To know more about the Trust & to Donate, click on the link below:

Their ‘Parenting 101‘ E book is also very popular with readers.

S & S have been the pioneers in Training and Coaching minds. Through their LIFE workshop, they have transformed thousands of families and students.

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Our Clients Say

C. K. Kumaravel
C. K. Kumaravel

Co founder of Naturals

Parents live through us and we live through our children. I have come across many parents who tend to transfer their concerns and fears into their children. I consider Sivakumar and Savitri as unique parents, who have gone against the social norms to support their child Sagarikka. What Sivakumar and Savitri have pioneered and Sagarikka has partnered will definitely become a norm in the near future.

Actor Aarav
Actor Aarav

Winner of Bigg Boss 2017

Warm Greetings!! I’ve known this energetic family for nearly a decade now and they have been spreading positivity and happiness from the time I’ve seen them. Personally I’ve taken lots of lessons for my life from them. I wish them good luck in all their future endeavours.

Ravi Murrugaiah
Ravi Murrugaiah

Chairman, Vasan Estates

I have known the trio for quite some time. They are very hard workers and perfectionists too. These days they are making waves in the field of fitness too. Beware, all the fitness centres of Trichy. You have somebody breathing down your shoulders. Their Daughter Sagarika May be a whisker away from being a Child prodigy. In short, they are living life to the fullest. I wish them all the best in all their endeavours

Sivarajah Ramanathan
Sivarajah Ramanathan

CEO of Nativelead Angels Network

I have seen many unique men and women but not a unique family. Sivakumars are positive, progressive and potential family. Be it intellect or health, they are a live example. It’s a liberal and experimental family.

Suma Varughese
Suma Varughese

Writer, Ex editor, (Life Positive & Society), Author of Travelling Light & Travelling Lighter

I consider Savitri, Siva and Sagarika to be one of the dynamic trio I have ever known. Their capacity to convert goals to action and purposefully move their lives forward is admirable. More than that, though, they are wonderful human beings who I am truly privileged to know.

Rtn. Prof. Dr. A. Zameer Pasha
Rtn. Prof. Dr. A. Zameer Pasha

District Governor 2019-2020 RI District 3000

Assured sure & safe success - they are a formidable combination of Triple “S” - viz Siva, Savitri & Sagarikka. This icon & well known family of the Rockfort city of Trichy is the nodal point & light house for the posterity. Having known them for so many years it is my bounden duty to offer my Best wishes on their successful sojourn.

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