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Watch this FAMILY FIRST recommended movie – “Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway”. This movie raises questions on the Indian Parenting Style.

It is a heart-warming & yet a debatable movie that we highly recommend for families.
This movie should be watch by every parent, ruminated over and debated about. This film opens up a can of worms that as parents & a society we need to really mull over:

  1. Are Indian parents a set of unorganized people?
  2. Have they genetically ingrained the habit of keeping the fridge & kitchen dirty?
  3. Are they people who throw garbage with gay abandon?
  4. Are they inclined to lock horns with each other in front of their children?
  5. Are they at times forgetful about their child’s progress in school?
  6. Do they show their resentment & irritation towards their children at the drop of a hat?
  7. Are they people who are very particular about protecting their image in public?

On the other hand, are the Indian parents deeply bonded with their children?

  • Do they tend to every need of the child?
  • Why do they feed their children with ‘bare hands’ despite the western protocol of spoons & knives?
  • Why do they allow their children to sleep between them in bed despite the ‘privacy norms’ of the western society?

The moot question of the entire movie is – are the procedures & processes too ingrained in our culture?

Is this the right way to bring up our children?

Do we provide our children with the right habits, nourishment & environment?

In my personal opinion, Indian parents have a lot of homework to do. We seem to be lost in the IPL, Rs. 2000 note & the election miasma. We should surface above it & make this movie a National debate.

Ultimately, don’t great families together make a great nation?

Another reason to recommend this movie to families is its ability to foster empathy & understanding. It sheds light on cultural differences & the importance of embracing diversity.

The movie is based on a true story of Ms. Sagarika Bhattacharya, who fought against the Norwegian Government in 2011 when her 2 kids were forcefully taken to a foster care without her consent.

Overall, it’s a remarkable film that leaves a lasting impact & offers an uplifting cinematic experience.
Kudos to all the actors & especially Rani Mukherjee who has played the protagonist, on delivering powerful performances.

Do watch & share your views on the movie.
Watch out for regular book & movie recommendations by FAMILY FIRST.

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