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Over the years, people have asked us three questions. I want to share my 2 cents on these questions.

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Somewhere deep inside I believe I have an entitlement based on my interactions with thousands of students and couples.

QUESTION 1 – How do I find my passion?
My answer – passion does not drop in from the skies. It is not a ‘satora‘ moment where you discover what the Gods have conspired and created you for. The purpose is discovered by digging through a lot of dirt and seeing what sticks.
98% of what we do in life will be a waste of time till we stumble into the 2%. Fortunate are the few who discover the 2% early on but that should not stop us from digging.
You in the process will figure out which aligns your head, heart, and hands.

  • Head – An activity where you have an absolute CLARITY. Clarity means ‘power.’ Your head is pellucid and limpid and will take you to the next level.
  • Heart – the work in which you experience the JOY of doing. I have observed teachers and doctors in a state of flow. Hours seem to glide by in minutes. They are like a Nataraja having a cosmic dance and in an eternal state of bliss.
    The reason I differentiate the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ is because you would notice that many a time a bureaucrat or a manager has the right head but feels that something is not right. It is the proverbial case of the ladder leaning against the wrong wall.
  • Hands – What’s the point in life if you have the right head’, and the right ‘heart’ but no ‘hands’. You need hands that can serve.

Activity: write down what you perform with your head, heart, and hands. Mull over what you have written.
Are you in the zone?
Have you discovered your purpose or are you in need of further alignment?

QUESTION 2 – Why am I not able to get into a good relationship?
My daughter and I have a favorite conversation when we go for an outing. This 22-year-old keeps lamenting that she has not found the right man. Whenever a man evinces interest – she looks at his frailties and finds out reasons to reject him.

The youngsters of today believe in the romantic notion that the bells will chime and the universe will proclaim that you have found your match when the right person steps in.
My suggestion to my daughter was – to define her life partner’. What kind of relationship would you like to attract in your life? Write down the persona.
Now comes the hard part – what kind of a person are you willing to become to attract this person into your life?

Activity: Write down 3 points about describing the person you want to attract in your life.
Write down 3 areas in your life, that you will work on to attract such a person.

QUESTION 3 – How do I know that I am happy in my job?

The acronym that I would use here is Z.A.P.
Z is for Zone – are you in your elements in your workplace? Would you be willing to do your work for free because you believe that that is what you are made for?

A is for Atmosphere – are you surrounded by people who believe in you, encourage you, support you, mentor you and provide for you? No tree can grow under the shade of another tree. At the same time, a seed needs fertile soil for it to bloom and blossom.

P is for Pitch – Pitch stands for, the perceptual quantity that depends on the individual. One person may want to work in an action-packed place. Another one may want to work in a serene atmosphere, where they can churn out quality output, and yet another work in a place where there is harmony and teamwork.

What are your Frequency and Pitch?
A cactus would bloom in a desert, a eucalyptus tree finds the equatorial forest convenient whereas the pine tree is happy in the frigid tundra.

Activity: Does your organization give you the Z.A.P.? Write it down.
Or are you getting Zapped?

by Shiv


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