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This Blood Marker Test Can Save Your Life.

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We have been wondering in recent times as to how a Sourav Ganguly or a Sushmita Sen get a heart attack? They are fitness freaks. And then there are conspiracy theory galore – could it be:

  • Excessive exercising or
  • Crash diets?

Then how could Punit Rajkumar have succumbed to such a fate? My friend commented – it is this six-pack craze that is killing people. We have a thousand YouTube videos and tweets each giving their own theory. Let me offer my understanding.

Blood tests have always fascinated me. I am a diabetic who has brought down the HbA1C from 12.7 to 6 and in the process altered the course of my life.

Any update on improving the metabolic profile (Glucose tolerance, Insulin resistance, Lipid profile) has fascinated me. I regularly take a blood test to watch these parameters. In my Lipid profile, I would keep a watch on my LDL count, my VLDL count and LP (A). These 3 make up the family of bad cholesterol.

I then came across articles which stated that bad cholesterol does not correlate with heart attacks. This disturbed me. How could I know that my endothelial cells (the cells lining the heart) were not susceptible to Atherogenesis (to state in simple words, the fat getting deposited within the blood vessels)?

Recently, I came across YouTube videos and blogs by Dr Peter Attia. He states in simple terms – I don’t care about LDL or any bad cholesterol, it is only the APO (B).

               DR PETER ATTIA

Wow! Just one marker – could that be the precursor to heart attacks? Does it all boil down to just APO (B)? So I would not have to concentrate on the bad cholesterol family or the HDL or the Hscrp or my Homocysteine count to see whether my heart is in good shape?

I came across another report which said that APO (B) and APO (B) / APO (A1) are the most important tests that indicate that a cardiac arrest is on the way. So long, I had ignored these counts though they would appear in my blood test.

The normal range for male is 56 to 145 mg / dL and female is 53 to 138 mg / dL.

I wonder why my doctor did not tell me this. Could this test have saved the life of Punit by helping him reduce his APO (B) count?

Could this test have prevented Sourav or Sushmita or the thousands of people who are susceptible to cardia arrests from getting it?

If a person like Dr Peter Attia (fellow at John Hopkins University and world expert at longevity vouch for this test – should we have a Universal consensus and make people take this affordable test every 3 months and thus save countless lives?

Blood sample tube for apolipoprotein B test

Could this one step make families happier and at the same time reduce hospital or insurance expenses?

Share your thoughts and comments. If APO (B) is validated, this could be a game changer.

By Shiv


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