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Why Gratitude?

The Turtle Story: An old lady was asked, ‘do you know what holds the earth?’ Nonchalantly she replied, ‘It is on the back of a turtle.’ She was then asked, ‘Do you know what holds that turtle?’ Spat came her reply, ‘It is turtles all the way down.’

BlogLimitation of our senses: Our consciousness is the substratum in which our senses exist. Let’s see how our senses work.

Take a luscious mango. How did you get that image? It was a zillion photon particles, impinging on a mango (an empty space made of quarks), which fell on our retina. It is made up of millions of cones. These pixels (cones) represent digits, i.e. numbers. These numbers make up a pattern called mango. Its smell consists of another set of numbers represented in space and time.

Space and time are constructs in the consciousness. Our brain is the interface which picks up these word maps and displays them like candies.

BlogFurther proof on limitation of our senses: Godel’s incompleteness theorem will unnerve us. It states that axiomatic proofs may not be constructed from truth. The five senses we own represent a small bandwidth of the myriad of consciousness. Hence our foundation of mathematics is turtles all the way down.


Solution to overcome limitation of our senses: If we are limited by our senses, is there a way we could tune our antennae to higher frequencies? How do we get in touch with the E.Ts of abundance, so that, they could broadcast energies beyond the scope of our consciousness?……Gratitude

BlogWhy does GRATITUDE work?

Simple….it tunes us to subtle higher frequencies. By attuning ourselves to this channel, we let a constant downpour of streaming into our consciousness. This creates a vortex of energy, propelling us towards our destiny as desired by providence.


How do you make Gratitude work?

Step I: FEEL ‘Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it’- Rabindranath Tagore.

Re-read it a dozen times . The keywords for me were create the capacity to receive it.

It was sixteen years back. I took my team of Network-21 distributors to an AMWAY conference at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. One of the richest businessmen in Japan addressed us. It was the most boring speech I had ever heard. He had no body language or variation in tone, but I learnt one lesson.

This man stated that he said thank you for everything. He thanked God for getting up in the morning, the maid for the cup of tea, the cook for the breakfast, the staff for coming to office and so on.

When he showed Gratitude 24 x 7, higher vibrations tickled his pineal gland (receiving station) percolated into his essence and manifested into the outer world and produced the desired results.


Step II: REACH OUT Fairy tales are full of stories, where the life of a giant is kept outside his body.

Our lives are also outside of ourselves. In one of my conferences, a member of the audience said that, ‘life is an 8 digit combination lock. 7 digits are within us but the 8th digit is outside.’

A person outside holds the 8th digit to this combination lock and this digit keeps changing every day. So, gratitude has to be extended on a daily basis to open the combination lock.

BlogStep III: PRACTICE – Louise Hay extirpated her cancer with Gratitude. Cancer comes through resentment, according to her. You cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. If Gratitude comes in, resentment (cancer) has to go.

The most convenient way of doing it is having a mental diet / gratitude journal.

BlogRecord all the resentments that slipped into you unawares and took hold of you. Also record the moment you were aware of the good deeds of others entering your psyche. Be an alert slip fielder (life fielder) like Rahul Dravid. This could bring abundance into your life.

Are you ready to field your thoughts on this 41 days Ayyappa Challenge?

Ready, get set, go.

Any feedback please……

This is Shiv signing off from S & S family First.




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