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Wayne Dyer says that the face of pure intention is – COMPASSION.

I was coming down the stairs, when I heard loud voices. It was the watchman of our flat berating some kid. Upon arriving at the scene, I saw that it was my kid. Seeing me, the watchman fled the scene.

I approached my eight year old to give her some gyan. ‘Pappu, you should not have let that wretched old man talk to you like that. You should have given it back to him in the same coin.’

My daughter Sagarikka

My daughter, smiled and replied, ‘Daddy, I feel sorry for watchman uncle. He possibly did not get as much love from his parents as I did.’

My daughter is my guru. She is full of wise cracks.

This eight year old understood that you cannot give others what you don’t have.

Compassion is feeling the feel of others. When you feel for others, others feel for you. Universe is a mirror. That is how the seers saw it.

Jack Welch taught management thinkers that the best way to keep employees on their toes was to weed out the bottom 20% and shower accolades on the top 10%. This is akin to the Japanese who keep their fish fresh by letting a shark amidst them.

There is a tablet at the entrance of the Ayyappa temple with the inscription, keep your house clean, God is waiting to enter.

It is this love and bonding that has kept a dozen families of my company together for nearly two decades. But who am I to speak? I am a minion in front of Jack Welch.

BlogCompassion is healing. Compassion is getting rid of dis-order, dis-ease and derangement. Compassion is the power to say, you are healed.

Compassion is that vibration which ensures that you are above all diseases. It is the ultimate anti-viral vaccine.

Jesus, Ramana & Francis of Assisi knew it.

Examples of Compassion: 

  • Two brothers, Rama & Bharata fought with each other as to who should be the king. It was the first time ever that each brother wanted the other to be the king. That was pure compassion.
  • Jesus on the cross, said forgive them for they have sinned. There was no hatred towards his tormentors. There was just compassion.
Jesus on the cross
  • Ashwathama, the son of Drona was seething with revenge. His best friend, Duryodhana lay mortally wounded in the battle field. His father had been killed by means of chicanery. He crept into the Pandavas tent, saw five people sleeping and severed their heads. The five people sleeping were not the Pandavas but the sons of Draupadi. Ashwathama was brought in front of Draupadi.
Draupadi pardoning Ashwathama

The grief stricken mother refused to take revenge. Her response was, first – Ashwathama is the son of your guru & second – I understand the pain of a mother at the loss of her son. I don’t want Ashwathama’s mother to go through the same plight.

As Prophet succinctly put it, ‘Don’t beat a woman, not even with a flower.’


500 years of colonization, 200 years of industrialization, 100 years of rapacious consumption and the earth lies in tatters.

Compassion is the only way. Ayyappa is a tool to walk us down the road.

Shiv signing off from S & S Family First.


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