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I excel at the art of doing nothing. For countless Sundays, I have zealously rested. I curse myself for having taken up this blogging challenge. What motivates these PSAI members? What is the mantra that invokes them to write on Sundays? Is this a bait to delist me on judgment day?

Just do nothing

Anyway, let me come to the next challenge: The Challenge of Exclusion (minimalism).

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Nadar tutorial was once the most famous spoken English center in Trichy. It was located opposite to the iconic Maris theatre. The Fort Station was just behind this institute. Now & then you could hear the chugging of a railway engine. Mr.Nadar died many years ago. A few years earlier, I went to this institute (now a residence) accompanied by a friend. Mr.Nadar’s son lives here.


The entrance had a huge picture of Osho. Inside was a large room with a cot. Next to it were a couple of neatly folded towels, dhotis and jibbas. There was also a copy of the Bhagawat Gita. In the bathroom, there was a bucket & a mug. These were the only possessions of this man. He is unmarried, which possibly explains the reason thereof.

I felt a strange sense of calm there. This man had no television or even a cellphone to clutter him. Please note, he was one of the brightest minds I have met.

The Ayyappa Challenge teaches us that life is empty & meaningless. Unfortunately, the objective of our life is to add meaning.

The 41 days is a complete detox for me. No social media, no television (we usually don’t watch T.V) & no unnecessary food.

My only belongings are a paai (mat), 3 veshties and a couple of T-Shirts.

No shaving! That’s a luxury. I now understand why many of my Mallu friends adhere to this practice all 365 days.

I had psychological space when I distanced myself from even my family members. They addressed me as Swami (my new identity).

Robert Pirsig, in Zen and the Art of Motor-Cycle Maintenance mentions that all great thoughts & hypotheses occur in this space.

BlogIt is the silence between the notes that creates the music. It is the space between the bars that holds the cage.

The water droplets from the mango tree formed wavelet after the rains. Savvy, pointed out to them & said, ‘that’s how we lead our lives’ – we let the other waves interfere with our progress & thus impede our growth’.

The most important exclusion is – people.

The myriad of vibrations that run our lives & in the process make us forget our own essence.

Take up this challenge and discover your inner space.

Any takers ?

This is Shiv signing off from S & S Family First.


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  1. It’s awesome, this was the first time read your blog. I find a lot of energy in your expression, a complete different perspective to understand life.

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