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Family First Trust – Joy of Giving Light up a Life this Deepavali

Dear Friends This Festive season let these children be a part of your celebration. Through Family First Trust we are supporting 200 children this year for Deepavali. Each child will be provided a Gift Hamper worth Rs 1300 – it will contain 1 new Dress, 1 sweet box & 1 crackers box. Sponsor for as […]

Is it Good to have Empathy?

I was surprised to note that this word came into English just 100 years back. Mr. Sashi Tharoor; could this be the reason why the White man didn’t have a change in the heart until recently? When a Nirbhaya gets assaulted or a child falls into a well, the whole nation resonates in empathy; we […]

Why don’t we have a SKIN IN THE GAME?

I wish to share 3 Instances: Dr. Abdul Kalam bypassed the faulty computer systems and went ahead with the launch. The rocket failed to take off and fell into the Bay of Bengal. He was all set to be pulverized at the press conference, but his Guru and leader Shri Satish Dhawan faced the newspaper […]

Man the VIRUS vs Covid 19 the VACCINE

For billions of years, mother earth was halcyon. Flowers bloomed, butterflies roamed around with gay abandon, birds chirped without a bother, river waters sparkled in the sun, mountains and oceans maintained their pristine and tranquil nature.

Why do I pay Bribes?

COVID times have been financially challenging. Since March 2020, my coaching institute has been locked up. In spite of that, the electricity board has been us on an average of Rs 3000 every month. If I refuse to pay for zero consumption I would have to forego electricity forever.