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I was surprised to note that this word came into English just 100 years back.

Mr. Sashi Tharoor; could this be the reason why the White man didn’t have a change in the heart until recently?

When a Nirbhaya gets assaulted or a child falls into a well, the whole nation resonates in empathy; we really understand the person’s situation, but when a million migrants march a 1000 km home, where is the empathy?

To empathize or not to empathize is the question.

I wish to present 3 arguments – one in favor and 2 against empathy.

Argument 1: The River is infested with crocodiles. How could the herd of rhinos go to the other side? One old rhino jumps into the water. The 1000 crocs rush towards this martyr. Meanwhile, the herd crosses over to the other side with the crocs totally unaware.

Didn’t the Home-Sapiens beat out the Neanthedrals, just because we could collaborate as a group? Yuval Harari eloquently puts this point across.

So, doesn’t empathy score brownie points in saving the tribe?

Argument 2: Fast or Far

Machiavelli in the book ‘The Prince’ points in favor of manipulation. It is the win-lose strategists that have dominated history. Did the Americans empathize when they killed 100 million Red Indians? Did the Whites empathize when they put an entire continent (Africa) to slavery? Did Britain empathize when they cut the thumbs of an entire colony of weavers in Murshidabad?

So, might is right; empathy is for the weaklings.

Argument 3: The Middle Path

 This tribe plays a different game. You will see them hanging around the minister’s office. They are usually dressed in white and white and have photos of their demigod peering through their transparent shirts or stuck in front of their bikes or their cars which have unique number plates.

This is perhaps the largest tribe in terms of numbers. They play to the gallery, boot-lick, apple-polish, and are professional stooges.

“I am safe as long as I am in your good books”, they seem to say.

Empires have run for centuries as masses have acceded to the powers hoping to get some favor in return.

Survival Strategy:

In a nutshell, does it make sense to empathize?

Should I be like the Buddha, the Christ, or the Gandhi – Hate the sin but love the sinner and lead a life of compassion?

One speaker in his recent talk commented that we can focus only on 150 people at a time. So, empathize only with them. Cajole them, coax them, entice them, and slowly buy into their love and trust. Pretend that you empathize with them. Use empathy as a manipulation strategy and maximize your benefits. Your tribe can win at the cost of the world. 

Did not the American President use hydrochloroquinine rowdyism or vaccine nationalization?

 Wasn’t making America great more important?

 Let the world go to dogs!

To empathize or not to empathize is the question.

What strategy would you suggest?

By Shiv


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