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Over the years, people have asked us three questions. I want to share my 2 cents on these questions. Don’t miss the 3 Interesting Activities, read on…

Future of Families

What would be the future of families? The holocaust shattered the dreams of millions of families, as did the largest exodus in the world. 18 million people transmigrated to Punjab to fulfill the desires and whims of Jinnah. Recently, ISIS & Assad stood steadfast on their ideology, hence trans-locating a million families. Is this migration […]


Manglayam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna, Kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam I tie this sacred thread around your neck, auspicious lady, so that we live together for 100 years.

Watch ‘EAT FAST DIE YOUNG’ Documentary Film

First time ever, a drama in real life. A daring experiment by an eighteen-year-old girl. Sagarikka the author of the best-selling book ‘My Unskooled Year’ is a very conscientious girl with the right food habits. She is a fitness freak and had been crying from pillar to post telling her ‘junk loving’ friends to put […]

7 Reasons why ‘I’ will not get COVID

Case I: ‘Sir, do you know that he is hospitalized? They had a family function. They had their aasthan photographer from Chennai. This asymptomatic super spreader had made all the ‘35’ members experience COVID-19.’ My student and his family are safe and sound. The father went on a ventilator and survived by the skin of […]

3 Reasons Why I Meditate (Challenge 16 / 18)

This is the age of reasoning. No execution will take place unless the user is convinced. There is a drawback to this process. Have you been to the Marina beach? How would you describe it to a country bumpkin who has never left the village in his lifetime? Difficult, isn’t it?