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Manglayam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna,
Kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam
I tie this sacred thread around your neck, auspicious lady, so that we live together for 100 years.
Marriage in India is a commitment. The dictionary defines commitment as being – dedicated to a cause i.e. the Family.
Individualism has totally obliterated the essence of commitment. Today you are the center of existence. The world exists to provide you. 
Loyalty has become a four-letter word in the corporate world.
Tell people that you are committed to your profession and passionate about it, and they will give you second glances. Convenience stores and convenience foods are the order of the day.
Cycles, bikes, and furniture were passed down the generations, but consumerism has made them disposable. In this use and throw culture, spouses and children are to be disposed of with. My student plans to divorce after being married for one year, reason – he is plain bored. Now he is around shopping for the next wife. Children use and throw parents…who needs them? Aren’t they a hindrance to our career?
The way you use one thing is the way you use everything.
Recall the ‘saath pheres’ of marriage that you saw in the movies; is it a meaningless ritual or does it have any significance.
A Google search will show us that the fourth vow is to stand through thick and thin; to be together in the worst of times and the best of times.
Marriage should follow the silver ruledon’t do to your spouse what you don’t want your spouse to you.
Marriage needs to have skin in the game. When a warrior leads on the battlefield or a pilot flies the plane – they have the skin in the game. Alas! In this world of remote control, the affecter is not affected by the affected.
Politicians make policies that affect the masses but it doesn’t cause even a modicum of disturbance in them. Rome burns but Nero fiddles. Families are decimated in Iraq by the few ‘experts’ playing with a remote in Pentagon.
Doctors, lawyers, teachers, auditors, and bankers are well protected from the outcome in a world that doesn’t understand honor, trust, loyalty, and keep the word. Families are getting blown to smithereens.
Jung stated that – suffering is a part and parcel of life. But the world is in the pursuit of happiness. Responsibility is a misnomer.
FAMILY FIRST, the book stresses responsibility, commitment, and skin in the game.
It walks you through pain, guides you in conquering your instincts, and makes your Family blissful and outstanding. The path will be full of thorns but you will have the satisfaction of walking through a road less traveled and stepping into a bed of roses.
by Shiv
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