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What would be the future of families?

The holocaust shattered the dreams of millions of families, as did the largest exodus in the world. 18 million people transmigrated to Punjab to fulfill the desires and whims of Jinnah.

Recently, ISIS & Assad stood steadfast on their ideology, hence trans-locating a million families. Is this migration going to be a thing of the past?

IPCC (International Panel for Climate Control) predicts devastation by 2040, as cities near the sea get inundated. With Hong Kong, London, Chennai, Rio & Mumbai, under the sea, where would these families relocate? Would the climatic force shatter the force binding the families?

Second life – gave us an opportunity to lead a life we lived in our fantasies. With VR (virtual reality), where every sensory wish fulfilled, where men could live with Sunnys & Rais and have every sensory experience, and women with Brad Pitts & Hrithiks – would virtual families replace existing families?

            Family at home using VR helmets

In 2014, Guardian News reported a couple who starved their 3 months old child to death as they were ‘busy’ raising a virtual baby.

But migration has always led to growth & innovation. Today immigration has made the USA what it is, not its people alone. Could this ‘migration’ lead to the connection of singular minds into a higher consciousness? A human ‘www’, our reply to Artificial Intelligence.

Are we in for the human Borg, the ‘Vasudaiva Kutumba’ that God dreamt about?

By Shiv from S & S Family First

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