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Is Indian Parenting Style correct?

Watch this FAMILY FIRST recommended movie – “Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway”. This movie raises questions on the Indian Parenting Style. It is a heart-warming & yet a debatable movie that we highly recommend for families. This movie should be watch by every parent, ruminated over and debated about. This film opens up a can of […]

Open letter to Jeo Baby (The Great Indian Kitchen)

Greetings Mr. Jeo Baby, I am sure you would have heard of the cause and effect fallacy. In this, we falsely assume that one event causes the other. This is the same technique used by you to prime your viewers in the movie ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’.

The Five Secret Ingredients in Dhanush’s Communication Mix


‘Effective Communication is – 20% what you know & 80% how you feel what you know’ A boy flunks his twelfth standard. The girl he has a crush on ditches him. He comes from a middle class background. He desires to become a chef. What can this 16 year old amount to in life? He […]