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SSFF Trust – Educational Kits

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]FAMILY FIRST TRUST REQUEST FOR LOVE & SUPPORT OF EDUCATION KITS 🙏🙏 As schools are opening, the 85 kids that we support at Sempattu need: (for 1 kid) 1. School Bag 2. 8 Note books 3. Geometry Box 4. Ink bottle / ink pen 5. Pencils, scale, eraser & sharpener The total cost of […]

What to say when someone passes away?

Last 30 days, there have been deaths all around us. A few days ago, the wife of my student passed away due to COVID-19, so did the mother of another student.

The WHY of the 18 Steps


There is a saying in hindi, apne pav me kulhadi marna. It literally means,chopping your legs with your own axe. Shiv, a voice in my head says – why did you to take up this blog challenge.you already have humongous chores to perform at home in the absence of the maid? Another voice in me […]