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Humble suggestion to the Doctors


The doctor was staring at my ECHO readings. He had a convoluted, distorted face, the scariest I had ever seen. “Doctor, could you tell me what’s happening to my heart”, I ejaculated. “It’s ok now but later in life, you could have a heart attack”, he exclaimed. That’s it. I paid Rs 3000 for ‘it […]

3 Chicken Soup Recipes for your Heart

Recipe 1: I recently heard an interview of Tim Grover, the iconic coach of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.     One day Tim’s 7-year-old daughter asked him, “Dad, why don’t you stay at home longer?” Tim replied, “Daddy has to work hard to put food on your table.” His daughter then innocently asked him, […]

Man the VIRUS vs Covid 19 the VACCINE

For billions of years, mother earth was halcyon. Flowers bloomed, butterflies roamed around with gay abandon, birds chirped without a bother, river waters sparkled in the sun, mountains and oceans maintained their pristine and tranquil nature.

Why do I pay Bribes?

COVID times have been financially challenging. Since March 2020, my coaching institute has been locked up. In spite of that, the electricity board has been us on an average of Rs 3000 every month. If I refuse to pay for zero consumption I would have to forego electricity forever.

Am I good or bad?

You can judge the nature of man by how he behaves with people who do nothing for him. This seemed like an apt quote in good times but is it relevant to how things are shaping up in our life currently? Are people really good or bad or do circumstances make them so? Philosophers state […]