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Recipe 1: I recently heard an interview of Tim Grover, the iconic coach of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  


                      Tim with Jordan & Kobe

One day Tim’s 7-year-old daughter asked him, “Dad, why don’t you stay at home longer?”

Tim replied, “Daddy has to work hard to put food on your table.”

His daughter then innocently asked him, “Dad, if I eat less, will you stay more often at home?”

MORAL: Children don’t want quality time, they want quantity time.

Recipe 2: Sudha Murthy once saw a boy selling shoelaces in the street; she asked him why he did not go to school instead? The boy replied that he earned 600 rs a month with which he fed his family.

BlogSudha asked him whether he was willing to study if she provided him 600 rs a month. The boy agreed. Sudha told the boy that he would have to apprise her of his test scores and progress report.

Every month, on the first he would come to her office and collect the 600 rs. This went on for a couple of years. Once, he insisted on meeting Sudha without an appointment. Sudha acceded…the boy came in and demanded 900 rs. Infuriated Sudha asked him – why?

His reply, “Mam, the price of the shoelaces has increased.”

MORAL: when something is stated, people take it as an entitlement.

For example, a pension was given when life expectancy was 65 and people had to retire by 64. This was a form of security for the last year of their life. Today people live till 90 and earn pension for 30 plus years; perhaps more than their period of service.

CAUTION: Whenever you declare something, have an EXIT policy.

Recipe 3: This is a tribute to Dr. K K Agarwal, past National President of Indian Medical Association and a Padma Shri. He kept fighting COVID (Wuhan Virus) and creating awareness amongst people.

Just before he succumbed this month to the dreaded disease, he spoke on YouTube to the medical, fraternity to keep fighting.

He said – the show must go on. Please watch the video on the internet.

Even in the face of death, he was calm and resolute.

                     The show must go on…

When Croesus the Persian King proclaimed to Solom, the philosopher that he was the happiest man in the world, Solom replied, “The happiest man is the one who does his very best in his field and dies in the battle”.

MORAL: Solom must have been referring to Dr. K K Agarwal.

by Shiv


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