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This is the age of reasoning. No execution will take place unless the user is convinced. There is a drawback to this process.

Have you been to the Marina beach? How would you describe it to a country bumpkin who has never left the village in his lifetime? Difficult, isn’t it?

BlogNow, comprehend the plight of the meditators who have to explain their state (Marina) using flowery language? But, what other means do they have to entice the bystanders to the Garden of Eden?

Swami Patriji runs pyramid valley. If you travel 30 kms down Kanakapura road, Bangalore; you will come upon the sprawling campus of Art of Living. A few more kilometres down the road you will see a Pyramid. For the first timer it would look like the mirage of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

BlogEvery year I visit this place on the 2nd of October. Spiritualists, healers, shamans & breatharians from all over the world congregate for a Spiritual Science Congress.

At breakfast time I found dozens of seekers queuing up to meet Swami Patriji. Curious to know how he handled their problems, I eavesdropped.

I expected him to quote from spiritual texts and voice the thought of thought leaders.

I was a tinge disappointed. For every query, he had a standard answer; meditate.

How could meditation be the solution to all problems?

A few years down the path, I have learnt the solution to all problems – guess; meditate.


3 Reasons why meditation helps:

Reason I: Our brain lives in the field of consciousness. Consciousness is similar to the electromagnetic field. Your brain is similar to a laptop. The screen is where the electrical signals of your senses are displayed.

All the five senses, taste, touch, smell, sound & sight are displays of electrical impulses.

The writing on the screen in front of you is formed because of the photons of light impinging on your retina making up patterns of designs and the mathematical constructs on your cones (eyes) create colors.

BlogNo color exists except in our minds. It is as if all the screens collaborated to create the entity called colors.

Possibly, animal minds did not have such a pact & hence they are color blind.

Would you like your laptop to have more GB space so that it could tap into more from the electromagnetic field?

Viola, you need meditation.


Reason II: The root of the word meditation is meditacio; to ponder.

What do we ponder over? Who are the authors of our life? We have two bosses. The past and the future. The past steam rolls over the present and gives birth to the future. They have the authority over us.

How do we cut of these two masters? Why should we eliminate these masters?

The simple reason is you and I are caught up in mirrors. You read something in the past that reflects on something into the future and this chain continues.

Every thought is chained to the past. There is no thought independent of the old thought.

The Bruce Lee in you is struck in the room of mirrors, each reflecting onto the other. You have to break the mirrors. That’s your escape.

BlogEvery great hypothesis, whether it is the Schrodinger’s wave equation, Plank’s constant or Einstein theory of relativity has come by breaking this chain. Do you want to break it?


Reason III: The right brain (the parallel computer) is the MASTER . It has to download the coding from the source which is beyond language.

Your left brain, (the serial processor) has to execute these codes using language. Your left brain is the SERVANT.

BlogMany a times when the MASTER is unobservant & the SERVANT is left unattended to, he, the SERVANT takes undue advantage.

He gets consumed with Ego. Its descendants greed, lust, jealousy, anger and passion run haywire. They try to take the house (you) over.

Meditation is the process by which the MASTER indicates his presence to the SERVANT. The vigilant MASTER keeps the SERVANT on guard, thus ascertaining that the tasks are completed diligently.

Ask your MASTERS to contemplate over these reasons, put pen on paper and instruct your egoless servants to pass their comments.


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  1. Whenever I use to go to Merina, yes I never come back so quickly, I see transformation in my whole body when I see the sea constantly waving, I always feel the words of Bruce Lee, I NEED TO BE CAREFUL TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE THE SAME KICK 10000 TIMES. Nature and it’s best. Though we love it, somewhere we are consious about huge tides and we remain active. Still we sing and shout at it. Deep breathe and collect shells as present. Isn’t it nice to watch a small ship moving in the centre? Same thing when you are in the 9th or 10th compartment in a moving train standing near footboard in a train and watch train taking huge turn, we see a curve in front, engine is our captain, we can connect our problems with it. Don’t think only they are turning, look behind you will take a same turn as well. These are little things making you think about life and over the edge you would never miss a second of uttering danger.

  2. Excellent thoughts, Siva. I loved the master-servant concept. Often the servant becomes in my case. The mind is truly a rogue elephant and meditation might be the form a mahout takes to tame and train it.

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