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Mao said,”the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

When the farmers queried,”that’s alright, but how do we walk a thousand miles?”

Mao answered,”take one step and then the next and the next and you will reach a thousand miles.”

Right now my plight is the very same as that of the farmers. How do I take the first step? 

A template from the PSAI Whats app post is staring back at me .Should I use the catchy blog post titles as a spring-board to communicate?

But who am I to promise massive results, quick easy fixtures,  create  fear,  give  instructions or ask the readers to change?

A student asked the teacher,”does God exist?” The teacher went to the board and drew a square .

“What is this?” asked the teacher. 

 “Square”, replied the student.

 “How do you know that, except for the fact that it resembles a four sided figure and the angles approximate to about ninety degrees? Before the origin of the human race, did any object in nature look remotely like a square? Any tree, river, mountain , animal, rock, snowflake, water droplets, flowers, sand, just about anything resemble a square?”

 “No sir”, replied the student.

“Then, where did the idea of a square originate from? How did it transform into a slate, a book , bench and then a laptop? Is there something beyond nature, beyond our five senses, that is trying to connect with us?

A SOURCE. Is that pushing us into perpetual motion, leading us to invent right from a lowly wheel to the most elegant jet fighter?”

The student wondered what the teacher was getting at.

The teacher smiled, taking cognizance of what was happening in the student’s mind.


A few times in life, I presume THE SOURCE tried to connect with me.

Let me recount four instances.

BlogFirst – on a Sunday, 7 years back, I had gone to Pondicherry with a few of my relatives. As a customary practice, we went to Mother’s Ashram to  pay  our  homage. I closed my eyes and tried to invoke the essence of Mother, also conscious of the fact that I was partly meditating and partly trying to impress my relatives.

The next day, I was in office. A man walked in and he had the picture of Mother dangling from his locket.

Ah! This is what they call the reticular activator. I learnt about that in the goal setting class.

And then the phone rang. A lady spoke, “Sir, I am from Chennai. Could you do me a favor. I am trying to get the address of Mother’s Ashram in Trichy. Could you help me?”

Mother seemed to be all around me. How could I label this event… serendipity, quantum entrainment, aura inducement…. was this THE SOURCE?

“How did you get my number?”, I asked. “Sir, I searched for websites in Trichy. Yours popped  up on the top. I noted down the number and thus called you”.

Oh! That seems like a rational explanation

My SEO methods had done the trick. But since then I have never received a similar phone call.

BlogSecond – it was three in the morning, at Mansarovar. Sagarika, my daughter, Savitri, my wife and I stood in front of the ethereal lake.Heavens seemed to descend upon earth. We saw the saptarishis (the Ursa major) come down to the lake to take a holy dip.

Yes, we saw THE SOURCE manifest. The next morning, at breakfast, we excitedly confided in our co-travellers, what we saw

 “That my dear friend”, said a doctor, “is a phenomenon called – Bio-luminescence.”

Third – I had gone for a re-birthing workshop conducted by David Orr at Rishikesh. While the other attendees had a traumatic experience during the workshop, I had visions of Lord Shiva and Sai Baba speaking to me. Oh!.. I must be The Chosen One

Certainly, this must be a revelation from THE SOURCE.

I disclosed my sightings to the enthralled audience.

A scientist in the group, later told me that this was a clear case of hallucination. Hyperventilation had triggered an excess of Oxycontin in your brain, leading to such visions.

BlogFourth – 10 years back, we had to go on a yatra to Sabarimala. My family would be accompanied by my friend and his family. The night before the trip, I developed high fever.. The mercury indicated 104. Travel would be out of question.

I bargained with Lord Ayyappa to let me go. “I don’t want the kids to be disappointed. As a deal, I will write a book about you”.

In a matter of minutes, I was normal. 98.4 – was that THE SOURCE?

Possibly, a few lymphocytes, eosinophils, basophils and T-cells got their act together and decimated the virus at the very moment when I was striking the deal.

10 years have passed I have not yet kept my word. 

It is near midnight.This is the first day of my blog challenge I’ll be writing for the next 29 days, about what Ayyappa means to me

If you find the blogs appealing, appreciate the way my neural networks are structured.

If you find it puerile and atrocious… blame THE SOURCE.

The first step has just begun.  


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  1. Very interesting, the topic occupies most of us. I like how you leave the decision to the reader, presenting both sides. Faith and science.

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