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About our Trust:

Sivakumar & Savitri envisioned the FAMILY FIRST Trust two years ago. Formed on Oct 1st, 2021 in Trichy, The Family First Trust is of a public charitable nature, mainly for the upliftment of the underprivileged kids in Tamil Nadu. 

(applied for 12 A & 80 G – expecting to receive soon)

Currently, the Trust is supporting 85 children with the proceeds of Family First talks,  training programs & book sales. These 85 children are below the age group of 19 years and reside in a slum opposite Sempattu Bus Stand, near Trichy Airport.


C-112, 5th Cross, Fort Station Road, Thillainagar, Trichy – 620018

Phone Number

79041 78825 / 94881 27690

Our Trustees:

Mr. Sivakumar S

Founder & Managing Director

Mrs. Savitri Sivakumar


Ms. Sagarikka S


Our Mission:

To elevate the consciousness of the society by building up the families.

Our Vision:

To transform the thought process of children in a 100 slums & rural areas, so that the youngsters become healthy, independent and self-reliant.

We will reach this goal by partnering with organizations working together to create a prosperous community.

TRUST Activities (at present) briefly explained

  • Providing Nutritious food kits to 85 underprivileged kids (age below 19 years) every month. A kitchen is provided to ensure that students get hot & nutritious food every evening. We also monitor the consumption of food so that it is not misused. 
  • Construction & maintenance of Digital Classroom with Personal Computers, Chairs, Tables and Internet facilities for these children. The size of the classroom is 17 x 23 Feet. The seating capacity is 40 nos. The students are provided with a weekly study plan. The kids need to make a presentation at the end of every week as to what they learnt online. 
  • Take the kids on regular Field trips & Industrial Visits for more exposure.
  • Providing Tuition fees for the children going to college (sponsored 6 girl students so far)
  • Teaching the children Maths, Science, Social Studies, Spoken English and Basics of Business. This is done on Sundays.

    Daily Nutrition & Digital Learning Classroom

Our other plans include:

  • To take this concept of The Digital Classroom with internet facility to many more underprivileged kids (for this we are being mentored by Shri Sugata Mitra, well known for his ‘Hole in the Wall’ concept) please watch this TED Talk to learn more:
  • Providing clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation

4 Ways through which YOU CAN SUPPORT us in this Great cause:

  1. Inviting us to your Institution / Organization / Clubs to conduct FAMILY FIRST workshops (3 hours / 1 day / 2 days)
  2. Keynote address & Motivational sessions for Individuals & Families
  3. Buying our Books & Merchendize
  4. Through Donations

Buy our Books & Merchandize (Mugs, Caps, T-shirts) & support for a great cause.

Send your Donations to our account directly by clicking the link