May 17, 2020


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LIFE Workshop – Manifest the Law of Attraction


LIFE Workshop – Manifest the Law of Attraction

7 Keys in 7 Hours to Unlock the Potential of Your MIND and manifest ‘THE LAW OF ATTRACTION’
John P had huge financial problems and personal challenges. He attended this workshop and is today a multi-millionaire running a big company in Bangalore.
He used the 7 keys listed below to Unlock his Mind-power & manifest THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.
Do you want the MAGIC RECIPE to…
  1. Find your IKIGAI
  2. Find your blind spot
  3. Principle of Exclusion
  4. Principle of Giving
  5. Power of Affirmations & Visualization
  6. Power of the Right Brain
  7. Law of Attraction in our daily LIFE
Can 1000 people’s feedback convince you that these 7 days of online ‘LIVE’ webinar 2X your INCOME / LIFE?
Faculty – Sivakumar & Savitri, CEOs of TRICHY PLUS (
Profession – Trainers, Authors, Key-note Speakers, Serial Entrepreneurs & Life Coaches. Also creators of ‘Pictalktionary’ (world’s 1st picture talking dictionary), Neutral Accent CD & Campus Recruitment Guide . Their recent venture is S & S Family First. (

Workshop details:

Dates: June 15th, 2020

Time: Daily 1 Hour (Will be Announced soon)

Fees: Just Rs 990/-

Venue: Online via Zoom

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