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Is it Good to have Empathy?

I was surprised to note that this word came into English just 100 years back. Mr. Sashi Tharoor; could this be the reason why the White man didn’t have a change in the heart until recently? When a Nirbhaya gets assaulted or a child falls into a well, the whole nation resonates in empathy; we […]

The WHY of the 18 Steps


There is a saying in hindi, apne pav me kulhadi marna. It literally means,chopping your legs with your own axe. Shiv, a voice in my head says – why did you to take up this blog challenge.you already have humongous chores to perform at home in the absence of the maid? Another voice in me […]

Rationalists, avoid this blog


Mao said,”the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” When the farmers queried,”that’s alright, but how do we walk a thousand miles?” Mao answered,”take one step and then the next and the next and you will reach a thousand miles.” Right now my plight is the very same as that of the […]