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Is Indian Parenting Style correct?

Watch this FAMILY FIRST recommended movie – “Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway”. This movie raises questions on the Indian Parenting Style. It is a heart-warming & yet a debatable movie that we highly recommend for families. This movie should be watch by every parent, ruminated over and debated about. This film opens up a can of […]

Humble suggestion to the Doctors


The doctor was staring at my ECHO readings. He had a convoluted, distorted face, the scariest I had ever seen. “Doctor, could you tell me what’s happening to my heart”, I ejaculated. “It’s ok now but later in life, you could have a heart attack”, he exclaimed. That’s it. I paid Rs 3000 for ‘it […]

Our sages knew it long before the rest of the world

A beautiful custom – the bride and bridegroom are dragged to watch the Arundathi star as a part of their marriage vows. The couple pretends to see it, not knowing its significance. This tradition has been followed for over 5000 years of recorded Indian history. The stars are binary – Arundathi & Vasishta, which revolve […]

Future of Families

What would be the future of families? The holocaust shattered the dreams of millions of families, as did the largest exodus in the world. 18 million people transmigrated to Punjab to fulfill the desires and whims of Jinnah. Recently, ISIS & Assad stood steadfast on their ideology, hence trans-locating a million families. Is this migration […]


Manglayam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna, Kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam I tie this sacred thread around your neck, auspicious lady, so that we live together for 100 years.

The WHY of the 18 Steps


There is a saying in hindi, apne pav me kulhadi marna. It literally means,chopping your legs with your own axe. Shiv, a voice in my head says – why did you to take up this blog challenge.you already have humongous chores to perform at home in the absence of the maid? Another voice in me […]

Rationalists, avoid this blog


Mao said,”the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” When the farmers queried,”that’s alright, but how do we walk a thousand miles?” Mao answered,”take one step and then the next and the next and you will reach a thousand miles.” Right now my plight is the very same as that of the […]

Am I good or bad?

You can judge the nature of man by how he behaves with people who do nothing for him. This seemed like an apt quote in good times but is it relevant to how things are shaping up in our life currently? Are people really good or bad or do circumstances make them so? Philosophers state […]