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Intimacy & Marriage (4 points that can save a Marriage)

These 4 points can save a Marriage: Don’t want sex, get married. Intimacy, sex are taboo topics in our culture. People don’t talk about it here, unlike the western world where it is discussed right from coffee shops to board rooms. In our Family First outings, we talk to families about Health, Relationship, Parenting & […]

Humble suggestion to the Doctors


The doctor was staring at my ECHO readings. He had a convoluted, distorted face, the scariest I had ever seen. “Doctor, could you tell me what’s happening to my heart”, I ejaculated. “It’s ok now but later in life, you could have a heart attack”, he exclaimed. That’s it. I paid Rs 3000 for ‘it […]

The Five Secret Ingredients in Dhanush’s Communication Mix


‘Effective Communication is – 20% what you know & 80% how you feel what you know’ A boy flunks his twelfth standard. The girl he has a crush on ditches him. He comes from a middle class background. He desires to become a chef. What can this 16 year old amount to in life? He […]