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Is it Good to have Empathy?

I was surprised to note that this word came into English just 100 years back. Mr. Sashi Tharoor; could this be the reason why the White man didn’t have a change in the heart until recently? When a Nirbhaya gets assaulted or a child falls into a well, the whole nation resonates in empathy; we […]

What to say when someone passes away?

Last 30 days, there have been deaths all around us. A few days ago, the wife of my student passed away due to COVID-19, so did the mother of another student.

Open letter to Jeo Baby (The Great Indian Kitchen)

Greetings Mr. Jeo Baby, I am sure you would have heard of the cause and effect fallacy. In this, we falsely assume that one event causes the other. This is the same technique used by you to prime your viewers in the movie ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’.

7 Reasons why ‘I’ will not get COVID

Case I: ‘Sir, do you know that he is hospitalized? They had a family function. They had their aasthan photographer from Chennai. This asymptomatic super spreader had made all the ‘35’ members experience COVID-19.’ My student and his family are safe and sound. The father went on a ventilator and survived by the skin of […]

3 Lessons from LIFE


Lesson I: My neighbor is a tall, stout person. Every morning when my family goes for a terrace run, this man crosses our path. Our terrace is divided into two portions. Our unspoken understanding is, this territory is yours, that territory is mine. In spite of our tacit understanding, he insists on trespassing our path.

So, What ‘IS’ FAITH? (Challenge 18 / 18)


(In continuation of the previous blog: https://ssfamilyfirst.com/what-faith-is-not/) Indiana Jones was running away from his enemies when he came to the edge of a mountain. The audience was holding their breath and on the edge of their seats in this scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Jones (Harrison Ford) continued running. An invisible floor of […]

What Faith is ‘NOT’

My daughter (at age 5) would get up in the morning and say ‘I smell tomato thokku’. Her faith was so strong, that tomato thokku would appear in our house in the next one hour. Faith is the substance of things not felt, the evidence of things not seen. My daughter had faith.

Three arguments in favor of Meditation (Challenge 16 / 18 continued)


This blog is a continuation of my previous blog where I highlighted 3 benefits of meditation – https://ssfamilyfirst.com/3-reasons-why-i-meditate-challenge-16-18/ Our terrace is our running track. Savvy, Sagarikka & I do our morning jogs here. This morning we witnessed upon a peahen on the neighbor’s terrace. The birds have started encroaching on our territory, with the support […]

3 Reasons Why I Meditate (Challenge 16 / 18)

This is the age of reasoning. No execution will take place unless the user is convinced. There is a drawback to this process. Have you been to the Marina beach? How would you describe it to a country bumpkin who has never left the village in his lifetime? Difficult, isn’t it?