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[ June 1, 2021 ]
3 Chicken Soup Recipes for your Heart

Recipe 1: I recently heard an interview of Tim Grover, the iconic...

[ May 22, 2021 ]
What to say when someone passes away?

Last 30 days, there have been deaths all around us. A few days...

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[ April 21, 2021 ]
Man the VIRUS vs Covid 19 the VACCINE

For billions of years, mother earth was halcyon. Flowers bloomed,...

[ April 10, 2021 ]
Why do I react?

After conducting a faculty development workshop at a prestigious...

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[ April 6, 2021 ]
Open letter to Jeo Baby (The Great Indian Kitchen)

Greetings Mr. Jeo Baby, I am sure you would have heard of the...

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[ March 4, 2021 ]
Why do I pay Bribes?

COVID times have been financially challenging. Since March 2020,...

[ January 31, 2021 ]
Our sages knew it long before the rest of the world

A beautiful custom – the bride and bridegroom are dragged to...

[ January 21, 2021 ]
Future of Families

What would be the future of families? The holocaust shattered the...

[ November 28, 2020 ]

Manglayam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna, Kanthe badhnami subhage...