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A beautiful custom – the bride and bridegroom are dragged to watch the Arundathi star as a part of their marriage vows. The couple pretends to see it, not knowing its significance.

  Sage Vasishta & Arundathi

This tradition has been followed for over 5000 years of recorded Indian history. The stars are binary – Arundathi & Vasishta, which revolve around each other.

The western world, thanks to Ricoli, an astronomer viewed this binary star through the telescope 400 years ago (1615) and named it ‘Mizar – Alcor’.

The Hindus, without the help of Galileo, discovered it 4500 years before the westerners knew about its existence, though it exists 78 light-years away.

Getting goosebumps! Our sages stated that man-woman should live this way, each considering the other as the center of their universe.


I recently came across a couple, well into their 60s, who are separated. Lack of commitment, financial insecurities, family duress, and lack of intimacy seen to be factors.

What can society do to bring Arundati – Vasishta together? Can society play its role?

by Shiv

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  1. This is absolutely true. Society has a huge role to play. Believing in each other, trusting, helping each other at the time of crisis, appreciating and encouraging mutually is what couples shld do.. shldn’t be carried away by society and don’t put pressure on couples to live in a particular way..let them find their wavelength and live in their pace.

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