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This blog is a continuation of my previous blog where I highlighted 3 benefits of meditation – https://ssfamilyfirst.com/3-reasons-why-i-meditate-challenge-16-18/

Our terrace is our running track. Savvy, Sagarikka & I do our morning jogs here. This morning we witnessed upon a peahen on the neighbor’s terrace. The birds have started encroaching on our territory, with the support of SARS-COV-2.

This peahen kept looking at mirror placed on the terrace. She would take a stroll & after a few minutes return to see her beauty in the mirror as all females do. Will she get cultured enough to demand for a beauty parlor for peahens in the future?

Peahen admiring herself

I wish to put forth three more arguments in defense of meditation:

Argument I – Field your emotions

Tony Robbins provides us with a strategy to handle emotions. He states that emotions are our friends. Anger, jealousy, depression & sadness are indications that all is not well between us and the environment.

The antidote to that is, change your perspective or change your procedure.

Example, you are angry with someone. You can change your perspective by looking at this problem from the other person’s point of view or use NLP tools and distort the whole situation.

BlogThe second approach would be to change the procedure and take proactive steps to root out the problem.

Meditation takes a different approach to this problem. To it, anger, jealousy, depression and grief are mental constructs. Why let them enter you mental space in the first place and then use tools to remove them then.

Could you be an alert gate keeper and field out these thoughts in the first place? Runs saved are runs you don’t have to score later.

Be a Jhonty Rhodes and field out these thoughts. One of my associates distorted an event. What happened and how I understood the event were two different things. Rather than being consumed in irritated thoughts and later calling Tony Robbins to the rescue, I took the help of meditation (Jhonty Rhodes), put a diving stop to that thought and quickly threw it back to the keeper.

Jhonty Rhodes in action

Argument II – Release your pain body

I am not going to say anything different, but I will put it differently.

Vipassana meditation was a revelation. Every thought of mine is now reflected in my body. My body is the mirror of my thoughts. Possibly, that is why some people become more beautiful & attractive as they grow old and some beautiful people become hideous.

We practitioners were able to observe our thoughts of craving & aversion were getting trapped in our bodies as pain.

We unconsciously go through countless reactive behaviors in our mind. They are called Sankharas. We see our favorite heroine and crave for her. We crave to see the number of likes we receive for our social media post. We crave for food, clothing, entertainment & sex. We are averse to other’s comments, instructions and lack. We live in a constant cycle of craving & aversion. We attract countless Sankharas each day.

BlogSlowly & gradually these thoughts manifest into diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks & tumors.

Meditation is the tool which can dissolve our Sankaras and get rid of our pain bodies.

Refer to: https://ssfamilyfirst.com/phus-your-mind-challenge-2-18/


Argument III: Live in the Moment

Experience is the feeling of the NOW. I had gone to Conoor for a short break last year with the most beautiful woman in the world; Savvy.

During our morning walk, she would point out to the cuckoos, the exotic flowers, the dew drops on the grass, the redolence in the air and the variegated stones in the pathway.

BlogI could sense nothing. I was ill equipped for the experience. The thoughts I had in Trichy were the same thoughts I carried to Conoor. I was a prisoner of my mind.

I forced myself to better Savvy. I pushed my mind to observe in order to impress her. It did not work. My past was clouding my present & projecting itself to the future.

I needed the sunshine of meditation to shine through my clouds.

I sometimes feel that COVID-19 is a wake-up call. We have let the mind run over us and distorted our experiences. It is time sunlight shines through us and brightens up our world.

Could you readers also share your experiences?

Are you for the argument or against it?

This is Shiv signing off from S & S Family First.


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  1. I read both your blogs on benefits of meditation, and was amazed at the ease at which, you could explain so many concepts with the help of images and analogies. Thanks Siva for sharing your experience of meditation, i have also experienced many of the benefits listed by you

  2. I read both your blogs on benefits of meditation, and was amazed at the ease at which, you could explain so many concepts with the help of images and analogies. Thanks Siva for sharing your experience of meditation, i have also experienced many of the benefits of meditation like mental peace, freedom from negative emotions like anger, jealousy etc as listed by you.

    Fellow Spiritual seeker, PSAI Member

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