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BlogAjith (Thala), is superstar of Tamil Cinema. He is lauded by his fans for his integrity & car driving skills. Acting is the last of the skills in his repertoire. In a recent Blockbuster, Mangaatha this vanguard of Tamil Nadu, keeps saying Ethanai Naal thaan Na Nallavana Irukkanum? (how long do I continue being good?)

Ironically, in this movie Ajith is a robber. Hence, the subtle message to his millions of fans is – Stealing is ok.

That brings us to the 3rd step of the 18step challenge which is tacitly followed by millions in the best training workshop of the world (the Ayyappa journey)

Challenge 3: Thou shall not steal (at least for the next 41 days)

Let’s recap the first two steps (refer to the previous blogs)


  1. Getting up before sunrise – Challenge 1/18
  2. No lying (sticking to your word) – Challenge 2/18

Oh! Shiv, this is easy. I never steal. I may get up late, I may lie but steal, that is Paap! Chee… – Chee.. Oh! Really?

Let me cite 3 instances of corporate stealing.

Case I: My wife had a dream last year. She bought a red color Vespa. The only way she could see it move, was to push it physically. The scooter went to the workshop eight times in eight days. Frustrated, she requested the dealer to keep the vehicle & partake of the money she had given him. To her dismay, she discovered that she had been given a backdated, second hand scooter.

The case continues in the consumer court. Vespa Company states that once the vehicle is handed over to the dealer, the company’s responsibility ends over there.

If Vespa, can do it, so can others.

Remember, a company is a Set made up of hundreds of employees.

Case II: Savvy & I had to go to Singapore last September. We checked the online site of Airbnb and found a room. After taking the money, Airbnb informed us that the room was not available. We later discovered that Airbnb services were illegal in Singapore.


Now came the harrowing task of getting the money back. Airbnb returned our money after meticulous follow up on social media for a month. Imagine a company connecting 81,000 cities & 191 countries doing this. After a month of diligent follow-up, the money was returned. Now, Airbnb had sent the money but our bank KVB claimed they had not received it.

Money, hanging mid-air like Trishanku is tough to imagine. Finally, after a week of meticulous follow up from our side, KVB discovered that the money had come but had not been transferred to our account. Whew!

BlogLet me reiterate, a company is a major set, which is made up of subsets called people. Isn’t the third challenge of “do not steal” getting tougher now?

Stealing seems to be a derogatory word. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be improper services. Doesn’t it make it convenient for us, in the corporate world?

Case III: This was the unkindest cut of all. My daughter, Sagarikka, studies in the United Kingdom.

Tony Robbins was to conduct a workshop in May in Birmingham. Sagarikka, an ardent fan, set her mind to it. She worked in a Casino at nights as a waitress to get the money and purchased her seat at the convention.

Covid crashed her dreams. Now, the workshop is postponed to October when Covid is expected to be at its peak in Britain. Upset, she tweeted requesting for a refund. No, was the prompt reply. That is not our policy.

BlogAll her hard work was gone down the drain.

Tony, the messiah of the masses, the avant-garde and the beacon of values takes refuge under no refund policy.

In my previous blog, I had mentioned about a man, who wants to go from one side of the river bank to the other.

There are 18 Challenges one has to undertake for crossing over to the other side.

Challenge 3 is one of them. Wouldn’t you agree?

This is Shiv signing off from S & S Family First


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