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You are in Sydney. You buy a thousand dollar ticket to the Sydney Opera. The setting is majestic.You take your seat at the balcony to soak in even the minutest of Gods. The members of the Philharmonic are bedecked in the finest of dresses. The conductor wafts his hand to synchronize the music and set it in cadence.

Today is different,the conductor is stone drunk. He is totally out of gear. The euphony turns into cacophony. The conductor of your orchestra is your circadian molecule. Is he ready to conduct the grand show called LIFE. He needs to connect with your 50 trillion cells to create the Masterpiece. Do you allow him to?

My daughter returned from London just prior to the lock-down, you are right March 15th 2020.

At times, when I wake up at 3 am to relieve myself, I see the light in her room. She says,”dad you don’t understand. The silence of the night improves my productivity”. My friends from NIT and IIM Trichy would nod in unison. Sleep is a waste of time. Being a night owl is the in thing. The first thing we do in the morning is wake up and then go back to sleep.

Every article on sleep disorder points out to this abhorrent behavior as the cause of depression, cancer, heart disease, metabolic disorders and even diabetes.But arguing with this tribe is futile.They bring in Da Vinci and Potter to their defense.

There is one antidote that can bring the circadian levels of the society back on track.

This 41 day, 18 step challenge can set your sleep rhythms in polyphony. Millions take up this challenge every year. Skeptics can witness this in the temples during the month of ‘Karthikeya‘. Five o clock in the morning, the temples are choc-o-block.

No new year resolution, no self-help 5 am club, this miracle just happens. What drove the millions into this habit without any mentor-ship, without any motivational ra-ra talks? Why does this miracle work?


  1. The Challenge –  heard of ‘Body for Life‘, created by Bill Philips – hundreds took up this 12 week nutrition and exercise challenge.Result – it was an outstanding success. What was the secret recipe that made this challenge work? Ping, the adoptive father of Kung Fu Panda would tell you that there is no secret at all.


It was the unspoken word – if she can take up the challenge, so can I. Isn’t that an unwritten word for us bloggers during our 30 day challenge? The tacit understanding between the Ayyappa devotees is – if you can make it to the temple by 5.30 am, so can I.


2. The belief of the mustard seed can move mountainsSeptember 13th to 16th, last year – Savy and I were in Singapore attending an Unlimited Power Workshop (UPW). Tony Robbins mesmerized the crowds into a state of frenzy. The mammoth screens displayed fires similar to those in the Amazon forest.We were trembling with excitement – Oh my God! did we have to walk over them? With all the oohing and aahing, the crowds marched towards the fire. We finally walked over a few putrid pieces of semi burnt charcoal. Much ado about nothing. 

BlogScene to late December same year we went to the Samayapuram Mariyaamman temple for a darshan. It was late in the evening, we witnessed thousands of poorly clad, illiterate devotees. None of them had read Unlimited Power or even Awaken the Giant Within You. They knew nothing about – state, belief, reference…blah blah blah.

The soaring flames that we witnessed here would rattle even the most ardent of Tony Robbins fans, but to our surprise thousands walked over it without even batting an eyelid. 

BlogIt was Mariamman’s commands, no questions asked. It was Ayyappa’s command, no questions asked – he has ordained me to be at the temple at 5.30 am. PERIOD

A devotee is no member of a 5 am club. Knows two hoots about circadian rhythms but the challenge works spot on, why?

Please lend your voices.

This is Shiv signing off from S & S Family First.

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